Saturday, December 3, 2016

3 Reasons You Should Join Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance

You have visited MCA Motor Club of America Info to get more insight about the roadside assistance coverage program or interested in signing up as an associate for the income opportunity you hear so much about. Today, we are going to attempt to explain each part of the business throughout this article. We are happy that you've shown interest.

What is MCA Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance

MCA Motor Club of America is a monthly membership-based company started in 1926 for the sole purpose of providing roadside assistance to motorist. The packages are structured and created by the company called, TVC Marketing Inc. The establishment operates in the United States within the state of Oklahoma. Exclusive to those countries we mention, residents living in the U.S. & Canada has access to the services. The five most used features attached to our membership are towing, gasoline delivery, battery boost, mobile tire change, and lockout technician calls.

For the small price of $0.66 a day, $5.00, or $19.95 a month, the best "roadside assistance" protection will be available to you, under MCA motor club of america. The flagship product we offer is called, the mca Total Security packaged plan at website. Most subscribers find this plan to be more reliable due to the features we'll be describing very soon at the bottom.

Here are three reasons you should join MCA Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance:


1. You Get Top Notch Roadside Assistance

Unlike the popular motor clubs that are spread throughout the country, this particular membership covers its members with at least 100 miles per towing trip. Further upgrades are also unique, you get more law benefits, along with huge auto mechanic discounts from several popular brand names. While most clubs limit their users 5 road service calls per year at 5 miles in towing, the plan with MCA has no extension, it's unlimited. That means you are allowed 100 miles a day per incident which rounds up to 36,500 miles per year.

Here is how it works with Motor Club of America: Once you've reached the customer service rep over the phone, explain your stressful situation to them about your downed vehicle. Afterwards, they'll need to retrieve personal information about you, the vehicle, and problems you are experiencing with the automobile to better serve you. Lastly, they'll call you back after getting in touch with an auto help company who can assist you as soon as possible.

No need to seek out an auto mechanic professional yourself, as MCA customer service specialist will get in contact with an local auto help mechanic in your area. After making contact with a auto help tech, they'll return your call and give you all the details on who will be assisting you at this troubling time and how long you must wait. The usual wait time is 15 - 45 minutes depending on how far or close the mechanics are located. Best of all, it doesn't cost you anything, all you must do is maintain your monthly subscription cost of $19.95.  

2. You Can Enjoy Great MCA Benefits & Discounts

Do you like saving money? Of course you do, everybody does. As an addition, motor club of america roadside assistance has partnered with known brand companies to insure their members are keeping more money in their pockets for several purchases. These include medical prescriptions, dental, eye care & wear, major hotels, car rental, plus more. Discounts are up to 65% off for each purchase.  

3. You Have the Chance to Start A Brand New Career

You write your own paycheck in life and with MCA, you do exactly that. Launch a new career as an entrepreneur and start earning weekly income from home. You get to help motorist get the necessary benefits to keep them and their family under a dependable service during local or national travel. Users love it when they know they'll never have to be or feel alone when stranded, as a salesman, you give others hope when desperately needed.

The compensation plan is very attractive too. No different than an associate selling satellite or mobile phone services, you earn money through personal direct sales. For every conversion per customer, you make $80, do 20 or more sales, you get paid $90 for each new customer who purchase from you. Our highest paid MCA Motor Club of America roadside assistance home agent associates has earned as much as $20,000 from a single week of work. Joining the affiliate program, here is what you receive: 

  • A free TVC matrix website displaying the 3 top package deals
  • Access to a back-office that tracks your sales
  • PDF marketing tools; printable flyers, and forms
  • and much more

Nonetheless, associates are paid every week on-time based on at least one sale made the prior week. There are no limits to how many policies you sale, the more you sale, the more you make. Efforts and dedication can take you very far by working hard. Many sales associates are banking very well and quickly by mainly utilizing social media to promote their affiliate websites.

In conclusion,

During travel, you want to be in the right hands of those who have your interest in mind. Not only do you get to be apart of one of the most tremendous, best roadside assistance programs, but enjoy extra discounts, benefits and earn plenty of household income from the referral program. Currently, no other Motor Club on the market has this kind of opportunity for its active users. Ready to join MCA Motor Club of America? Get in!